Little Box Brownie: Look what I got in the Mail

Look what I got in the Mail

Fat Witch Brwonies

Fat Witch Brownies

Fat Witch Brownies
Yum yum yum..... Look what came in the mail for me to day..... Fat Witch Brownies. These babies have come all the way from New York via LA they had a brief stop at Brisbane before they where posted to me in Melbourne.
My wonderful boyfriend went to America for his friends wedding and brought me back some brownies from the wonderful store 'Fat Witch' at the Chelsea markets. As I might have told you before I'm a little obsessed with these brownies. When anyone goes to New York they must seek out The Fat Witch and pick me up a little treat. Well I got 7, yes 7 little parcels of gold. I'm just a little excited, now to pace my self and not eat them all. I couldn't resist during photographing them I had to have a little bite.
Okay enough of my rambling, just try them if you ever get to NY, you will thank me!

Soph xxx